lunes, 20 de febrero de 2017

Humanfobia: Electronic Experimental, Dark Noise, Atmospheric, Computer Music.


Humanfobia is a Chilean computerized music & digital photography project created by Sábila Orbe its born at the end of 2011 as a project of electronic experimental music, his principal center is transmit emotions with a changeable and diffuse sound. Varies between noisy and dark atmospheres.

Other particular aspect in their music, is in voice tracks that don´t have language, are just syllables unions, using the voice like an instrument more.

In early 2015 Humanfobia has a new member; Mist Spectra first as Visual Support and at the end of that year as Computer Keyboardist.

All humanfobia music is made through music softwares. Used tools:
Adobe Audition, Audio Sauna, FL Studio, Android keyboard apps and others.

The Humanfobia releases are totally free for download. 
Their music is only created by the incentive of musical experimentation. 
In this blog you can find main Humanfobia albums,
for download split albums & collaborations visit:
Splits with The Null Spectre - Eden Mononym (one infinite loop) - Noisesculptor
Ghost in a Sweatshop - Julien A. Lacroix - Clearfixsounds & more great artists.

For more Humanfobia info and all Sábila's projects visit:
Official website:

Left: Sábila Orbe - Right: Mist Spectra.